Tunisia: American company Postscript is preparing to build a clean power plant in the south

Tunisia: American company Postscript is preparing to build a clean power plant in the south


Minister of Economy and Planning, Samir Saeed, on Monday, September 05, met Mark Crandall, President of Postscriptum, an American company specializing in renewable energies, along with Yusuf Taqi Sebihi, Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa. , visitors to Tunisia, anticipating the launch of a project in this area.

Mark Crandall gave an overview of the company’s business and its experience in clean energy sectors such as solar energy, wind energy, green hydrogen.

Crandall expressed the company’s interest in investing in Tunisia, building a large electricity generation plant from solar, wind and green hydrogen for local consumption and export to neighboring countries and Europe.

The company has chosen the site in southern Tunisia and is in the process of evaluating the logistics and engineering needs, especially in terms of internal and external connections, he was quoted as saying in the ministry’s press release.

Samir Said pointed out that the progressive orientation towards alternative and clean energies, especially solar energy and green hydrogen, are priorities in the government’s plans and policies and one of the key elements of the “Tunisia – 2035” strategy.

The Minister confirmed the arrangements of the Ministry and its organizations involved in the investment to provide necessary support and assistance at various stages of the project so that it can commence as soon as possible and under the best conditions.


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