Yellow alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms

Yellow alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms

The event is scheduled to begin at noon this Friday, and is estimated to end early Monday morning local time. Active tropical wave OT31 is currently 500 km east of Guadeloupe, moving slowly and bringing wet and unsettled weather to the archipelago.

Its effects are already being felt with frequent rains and storms at sea along the east-Atlantic coast. The rain is expected to intensify in the next few hours. Sometimes they are stormy. The whole archipelago is worried. In the afternoon, thanks to light winds, this rain will continue, especially in Basse-Terre. Accumulations between 50 and 80 millimeters in 3H may be locally significant. This rainy weather will continue through the weekend with renewed activity expected tomorrow and Saturday.

We must be aware of the personal conduct measures prescribed by the Provincial Council. Be aware of weather conditions and be especially careful if you have to practice dangerous sports outdoors Travel in flooded areas with crosswalks or less steep paths during storms: Avoid using phones and electronic devices. Do not take shelter in wooded areas, near power poles or power poles

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