Psychology. Depression or Depression: Know the Difference?

Psychology.  Depression or Depression: Know the Difference?

“In times and events, each of us experiences a full range of emotions, from sad to very hopeful,” the Ministry of Health notes. Within this wide range of emotions, sadness, discouragement and despair represent normal human experiences. ยป

So is depression normal? Well yes: this temporary drop in morale can be caused by life events or even a flash of light. It’s called the winter blues.

But “depression is a temporary condition that does not require medical treatment,” notes the Quebec association Ecoute-Entraide. So, “If you’re depressed for more than 15 days, you may be experiencing depression,” he continues.

Duration and severity of symptoms

Indeed, among other things, what distinguishes depression from depression is the duration of symptoms. “More serious and profound than depression, depression is a disease that affects both morally and physically,” emphasizes Ecoute-Entraide.

Symptoms include chronic sadness, loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities, loss of confidence, and suicidal thoughts.

According to the definition of the Ministry of Health, “To be able to talk about depression, therefore about the disease, it is necessary:

  • These mood disturbances are numerous and well characterized;
  • They manifest themselves permanently (almost) for more than two weeks;
  • They cause significant discomfort in one or more areas of daily living (difficulty or inability to stand up, go to work, go shopping, etc.).

A widespread disease

Don’t think it only happens to others. Or it stems from weakness of character.

Depression is a common disease in the world, as it affects 3.8% of the population, including 5% of adults and 5.7% of people over 60 years of age. According to the World Health Organization, around 280 million people worldwide are affected by it.

If you think you are affected, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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