Will an unusual tropical cyclone hit France and Spain? The Spanish meteorologist has issued a warning

Will an unusual tropical cyclone hit France and Spain?  The Spanish meteorologist has issued a warning

Americans confirm this trend. Two scenarios are now considered. One of them sends a hurricane to northern Europe. Another estimates it will hit the French Atlantic coast and northwest Spain.

A close must throughout the summer, The Mediterranean warming It was on everyone’s lips. Under consequences Heat wave, indeed, Big Blue was very hot. But as our colleagues from El Periodico point out, global warmingAtlantic Ocean went into the background.

Yet, it can easily affect us. Many meteorologists or scientists warn about its immediate effects. One of them even goes so far as to declare a formation Cyclone Who is going to hit? Iberian Peninsula.

New view

In a series of tweets published this Thursday, Aemet (Spanish Meteorological Agency) meteorologist Juan Jesus Gonzalez German “warns of an imminent creation A powerful Atlantic storm At an unusual latitude that threatens to become Cyclone Vulnerable Spain, Details in El Periodico. “It’s a potential scenario, it’s not yet developed, and more complex processes are coming into play. But it’s a serious enough problem and representative enough to monitor and be vigilant about.”.

A few hours after his first series of tweets, González Alemán himself revealed that the forecast had been confirmed by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

El Centro Nacional de Hurricanes de EEUU @NHC_Atlantic Del Anomalo (Muy al Norte) Increase the probabilities of the formation of Cyclone del Que he Venito Hablanto.

The coincidence between samples is strong. Because azores botrian ser las primaras affectatas por esté systema. pic.twitter.com/cNDTNmRgNE

— JJ Gonzalez Aleman (@glezjuanje) August 31, 2022

This Thursday morning, however, he announced a New situation For this “Extraordinary Tropical Cyclone”Now heading further north to hit northwest Spain, but… France!

With the new implementation of the models, a new view emerges for this unusual tropical cyclone en el adquier una componente mes hacia el norte.

Sigue presents a scenario that could affect the northeastern peninsula.

Increased uncertainty. Seguiremos Medals… pic.twitter.com/B3zbffvNMd

— JJ Gonzalez Aleman (@glezjuanje) September 1, 2022

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