Here’s an online ticketing office that generates NFTs for event organizers!

Here's an online ticketing office that generates NFTs for event organizers!

More and more, the universe of NFTs is entering our daily lives. In fact, it will surely become a standard in many areas in view of the latest news that can be found everywhere. Even in the field In digital art, in video games and now in all kinds of eventsNFT can be of real use in our daily life.

Recently, A Event ticketing platform Organizers allowed NFTs to be generated during their event. But what is this site? To learn more about this great news for the universe of NFTs, let’s take a look at it together in this blog post.

Which ticket office allows event organizers to use NFTs?

This ticket office allowsUse NFTs For event organizers Ticketmaster. It was on Wednesday, August 31st that we discovered this great news Development and adoption of NFTs By the general public. In fact, American company Ticketmaster said it is now possible for event organizers to circulate NFTs before, during and after the event.

The Ticketmaster website uses it Blockchain flow. I mean more than that 5 million tokens have already been generated by various organisers.

Here’s what a company employee had to say Ticketmaster “Organizers who choose to offer NFT to fans with their ticket have a real opportunity to make this new technology relevant at scale. That’s why we’ve partnered with Flow because their blockchain is designed for fan engagement.

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This new feature works Digital souvenirs for fansGain the ability to redeem them, earn rewards and more!

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