France normalizes Schengen visas for Tunisians

France normalizes Schengen visas for Tunisians

Emmanuel Macron in Tunisia. Credit: Reuters

In a joint press release issued on August 31, the French and Tunisian interior ministers said they “ It took cooperation in migration and mobility and welcomed the good pace”.

It is worth recalling that the head of the Tunisian government visited France and had a telephone conversation between Gerald Turmanin and his Tunisian counterpart, Taoufik Charfeddine. French Minister of the Interior He informed his Tunisian representative of the normalization by France of the procedures for issuing visas in Tunisia with immediate effect. Can you read it in the joint journal we have?

We continue to emphasize that “Ministers agreed to repeat a joint assessment of cooperation on all matters of common interest before the end of the year”We conclude.

As a reminder, as indicated by the French government, Tunisia is one of the three Maghreb countries targeted by the restrictive measures decided by Paris due to non-cooperation in matters of migration and the issuance of Schengen visas.

With Algeria, if tensions seem to have eased with Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Algiers and his meeting with President Abdelmadjid Debon, things seem to be far from settling on Morocco’s side: Imam Hassan Iguesen was expelled, his welcome initially accepted. He finally suspended and refused consular permission.

A reaction that echoes the ambiguity of French diplomacy on the question of Western Sahara.

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