Endress + Hauser helps monitor water quality for aquaculture

Endress + Hauser helps monitor water quality for aquaculture

Petite Camargue Alsacienne has signed a joint agreement with Endress+Hauser to digitize its aquaculture with access to tools and real-time data.

A partner of the cross-border project “Rhine 2040”, the fish farm of Petit Camargue Alsace raises Atlantic salmon for the population of the Rhine and its tributaries. Endress+Hauser has implemented a package to meet the requirements for monitoring the quality of recycled water in basins.

In addition to the proposed solution, the manufacturer has digitized all measurement data of the site. Measured values ​​and sensors’ health status are collected via wireless transmissions using digital gateways, edge devices SGC400 and SGC200, and then accessed remotely on the Netilian Digital Platform, Endress’s IIoT system. + Hauser. The Netillion Value platform is accessible from the Internet and allows real-time monitoring of water quality in basins. This additional function strengthens the safety of the site and guarantees better living conditions for the salmon in the tanks.

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