Electricity: How much does it cost to keep your laptop charger plugged in all the time?

Electricity: How much does it cost to keep your laptop charger plugged in all the time?

It was a (bad) move many French people took. Place your charger on a power outlet even when no device is connected. As an energy-intensive practice pointed out by the Environmental Change Agency (ADME), could this habit really blow up your electricity bill?

Is it really a good idea to leave your mobile charger plugged in all day and night without your phone charging? This habit, taken up by many French people, is pointed out today more than ever, as winter electricity consumption worries the government.

A real but finite cost

As the Agency for Environmental Change (ADEME) reminds us, the charger uses electricity even when it is not connected to any device.

In 2020, energy group ENGIE went further by measuring the consumption of “empty” chargers. Verdict, the cost of this unnecessary consumption is very measurable, since six chargers connected to a power strip will only use 2.6 kWh. End-of-year invoice at current electricity rate at EDF: 57 cents.

More powerful chargers

Be careful though. He recalled BFM TV, smartphone manufacturers are increasingly offering shorter charging times. To do this, they always rely on more powerful and energy-consuming chargers.

By this logic, leaving your phone plugged in overnight is a variation when the most efficient models provide a full recharge in around thirty minutes.

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