Polisario at Ticad 8: Liberia calls for suspension of conference

Polisario at Ticad 8: Liberia calls for suspension of conference

Liberian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dee-Maxwell Saw Kemaya. Credit: DR

Liberia on Saturday regretted and called for Morocco’s absence from the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (DICAT8) “Suspension of this session pending resolution of procedural issues” After the unilateral invitation of the Polisario separatist organization to the event.

“Liberia regrets the absence of Morocco in TICAD-8. We are surprised that a delegation (NDRL polisario) has been imposed in violation of TICAD procedures”, Liberian Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saw Kemaya said at the opening of the conference.

In this sense, he called for respect for the procedures and convening rules established within the framework of this summit.

Calling for compliance with the decisions of the African Union regarding the format of participation in partnership meetings and stressing the importance of respecting the rules and procedures regarding the invitation of persons and representatives established jointly with Japan.

This stance reinforces the position taken by other African countries that have condemned Tunisia’s unilateral invitation to the separatist organization as a violation of the preparatory process and established rules, against Japan’s advice, a dispatch from the MAP news agency said.

As a reminder, other countries have taken a similar stance: Guinea-Bissau who left Dicot 8, The Comoros Islands mourn the absence of Moroccoas well as Senegal.

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