Mac and Chez Murray’s American franchise is coming to France

Mac and Chez Murray's American franchise is coming to France

With more than 60 restaurants in the United States, the Murray’s Mac and Cheese Pasta Cup franchise landed in France under the Murray’s brand in June 2022 and is looking to conquer France with its tasty and profitable offering.

The Murrays

Murray is finally creating the popular concept of mac and cheese pasta recipes in France!

The first fast-food network based on cheese pasta: mac and cheese. Murray’s: Pasta… the best! A unique process in France that allows pasta cups to be prepared in minutes with surprising and delicious freshness.

Murray’s: An American Concept lands in France in June 2022

“I worked in the Accor group for Sofitels in the US. I had time to discover many concepts, including mac & cheese, that I didn’t know about in New York”hope Julie Roulette A few weeks ago to our colleagues from

effect, When he returned to France, he was the head of a network of about twenty restaurants in America and decided to import the concept. He opened a pilot restaurant in Le Mans in June 2022It was an immediate success.

So the young woman is now Murray’s principal owner in France. and has already signed over a dozen catchment area reservations Open new Murray’s franchise restaurants.

Murray’s: Innovative and Profitable Cheese Cups

A believer Patented process will confirm Make each cup of mac and cheese pastaminute, Within 180 secondsMurray’s franchise makes that possible Maximize the performance of each service.

And this, with A gross margin of more than 70%This allows with an average turnover of 800,000 euros after two years of operation.A break in a few months.

Murray’s franchise therefore targets investors looking for a quick return on investment..

So if you like Invest in fast food With a successful, innovative and profitable American brand, visit Murray’s Franchise to learn more.

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