DuckDuckGo launches an email service that removes trackers from your emails

Duck Duck Co Launched its email service It promises to remove unwanted content from your inbox. Known as Email Security, the privacy company’s offering isn’t traditional email like Gmail or Outlook, but a redirect service. Duck Duck Co Detects and removes trackers Before sending a clean version of the message to another address of your choice (or tracers) found in the email.

To achieve this, Email Security gives you a address You can choose when you create your account. After selecting the email address Duck You must enter the address of another email service you want to send emails to without tracers DuckDuckGo checks every email for trackers Blacklist it and delete it.

In addition to that, They provide unique private addresses to websites you don’t trust. In this case, DuckDuckGo automatically detects the fields of the email address and offers the possibility to create a unique address that provides additional security. These addresses will send your email to your preferred inbox and prevent companies from tracking you. You can deactivate them at any time.

Even DuckDuckGo has implemented it Connection tracking protection It prevents companies from tracking you after you click on a link in an email. Additionally, service Upgrades insecure (HTTP) connections to HTTPS connections With smart encryption used in the search engine.

Finally, DuckDuckGo allows you to reply using the address of your choice Directly from your inbox. To do this, click “Reply” and the message will be sent from the @duck address, not your regular email address.

Email protection is reliable, but not 100% effective

Duck Duck Co
Email Protection was announced a year ago, and in its beta phase, it removed 85% of trackers from participants’ emails. DuckDuckGo notes that the inevitable will happen Observers.

Our goal is to block as many hidden trackers as possible. New trackers appear constantly and blocking some of them can affect usability. While we can’t block everything, we’re constantly working to expand this email tracking block over time.

Another thing to note is that the “Reply” option may leak your original email address. DuckDuck Go does not create the message and therefore does not guarantee that the email does not contain a forwarding address or other unique identifier.

If you want to test the service, you need to install the browser extension and create your @duck address on a dedicated website. Email protection is also available in the DuckDuckGo browser for iOS, Android and Mac.

Can DuckDuckGo save your email messages?

Since it is a routing service, Some doubts arise regarding user privacy. DuckDuckGo assures that the content of your emails is none of its business and that it does not store messages when it uses email security.

We don’t need it! If we receive an email, we will immediately delete the trackers and send it to you, and we will not store it on our computers. We don’t even store titles.

More information about how email security works is provided in the Terms of Service. The company mentions that The process of removing the plotters and sending them to the user takes place in memory and is not saved to disk. The only information DuckDuckGo keeps is the addresses created and the email address you send.

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