Do not insert a mysteriously received USB key into the mailbox!

Do not insert a mysteriously received USB key into the mailbox!

Beware of USB keys that magically end up in your mailboxes! In the US, police are warning residents not to insert these mysterious keys into their computers.

The US police did not say whether they knew of the “mailmen” planting these infected USB keys in the Microsoft Office Professional Plus box in mailboxes. US company Microsoft, for its part, has launched an internal investigation into the matter. However, these keys are dangerous, and residents are asked to avoid plugging these devices into their computers or other devices.

The police, who did not specify the nature of the malware contained in these keys, noted that once inserted into a computer, the key does not initiate the installation of Office, but displays. A popup with virus detected And asks the user to call a fake after-sales service number that remotely accesses their computer!

When you receive these types of products in your mailbox, who doesn’t want to know what’s inside? For the health of his computer and wallet, it’s better to curb his thirst for curiosity.

Be careful, USB keys are not your friends

Malicious programs can actually be found in these products, which make it possible to control computers behind users’ backs or steal valuable confidential information – electronic letters, but also bank card numbers and other data.

USB keys are vectors of infection, and this is actually not the first. But they are distributed in this way, which is already very original. This is not a reason to jump on it: USB keys of unknown or suspicious origin should be erased without further ado.

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