Resident Evil Season 2: Netflix has decided to cancel its original production

Resident evil saison 2 netflix

An adaptation of a popular video game franchise has long been among the top ten most-watched content in the world on Netflix, but apparently that’s not enough. Sometimes the average viewing time is very low, especially when subscribers try to watch a series and stop after a few minutes because they are not convinced.

This is American Media Deadline who announced that Netflix Won’t Order Resident Evil Season 2. The audience was great (seventy million views) in the first week of the fic online, but the original creation failed to maintain this rate in the following weeks.

Critics may have affected the streaming company as the series averages a 1.9/5 rating on Alozine and the reviews in the US are also disastrous! So we’ll never know the rest of Jade’s adventures Netflix declined to produce Season 2 of Recidivist Evil … If you don’t know what to look for, you should try the career plan posted in the US company catalog.

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