Mauritania: Giant step towards financial inclusion thanks to remittances

Mauritania: Giant step towards financial inclusion thanks to remittances

#Mauritania : Money transfer services in Mauritania have been expanding rapidly in recent years. These allow many users to quickly send money to loved ones hundreds of miles away.

Mobile money has entered the habit of Mauritanians. Bocar Diallo explains his presence at a transfer agency for a “fast, safe and efficient operation” to retrieve a remittance sent from Boke (a town in the river valley). Another customer, Tjainaba Samba N’Gaid, also came to send money to another town in the East River Valley, Kedi.

Diao Abo Malik, Director General of the National Association of Savings and Credit Banks (DGCA), a leading player in financial transfer, insists that the institution has been present in several dozen locations in Mauritania for more than 15 years. Money exchange component.

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The service is being modernized due to its digitization with the new “Calbi” application, which allows a larger segment of the population to access financial services.

But money transfer is not just the business of specialized institutions. Saint-Louis-based jeweler Khadim Niang now offers exchange services to Senegal and other countries, thanks to Orange Money and Wave.

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