Work on running macOS Ventura on older Macs is finally moving forward

macOS Ventura va donner du fil à retordre aux développeurs d’OpenCore pour les anciens Mac et hackintosh

OpenCore developers have a lot of work to do this year. This program, which makes it possible to run MacOS on a Hackintosh, means that computers built from standard components, such as older Macs that Apple does not support, must be updated to follow changes made to a computer dedicated to the Mac. And with macOS Ventura, these changes are significant, overcoming several key challenges, including the lack of drivers for many graphics cards, but also the removal of support for many Intel CPUs.

macOS Ventura will give opencore developers a hard time on older Macs and hackintosh

As the end of school holidays is fast approaching, OpenCore is the main developer of Legacy Patcher Finally got some good news. Mykola Grymalyuk provides four screenshots that demonstrate that macOS Ventura can be installed and works correctly on four Macs that are not officially supported. Including a Mac Pro from 2008, it can still run the latest version of an operating system dedicated to Macs 14 years later.

macOS Ventura installed on a 2008 Mac Pro.

Despite the developer’s caveat, this success should ensure OpenCore’s futureThere is no estimated date For update release. Locally used version a Hard work with many people Also it will take more time to complete this endeavor and make sure there are no major errors. However, it’s good news if your Mac isn’t compatible with MacOS Ventura, you should have an easy and effective option to stay up-to-date.

I installed macOS Monterey on my Apple 2014 MacBook Pro

I installed macOS Monterey on my Apple 2014 MacBook Pro

On the Hackintosh side, OpenCore Dowd Court must also be updated to run on hardware abandoned by Apple. No date yet, but work is progressing on this page as well, as evidenced by the last article Published on the project blog. The base bricks are being updated bit by bit, but there are still some major bugs, so as with all major macOS updates, it’s best to wait.

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