Iliad opens the doors to its most eco-friendly data center in Europe

Iliad opens the doors to its most eco-friendly data center in Europe

This datacenter, Opened in 2018, Combining both industrial efficiency and energy efficiency, its patented adiabatic cooling system makes it the most energy- and water-efficient data center in Europe. Thus, only a few grams of water evaporates into the air, for a few hours a year, the DC5 avoids using air conditioning (which accounts for 40% of the energy consumption of traditional data centers) and thus seriously limits its environmental impact.

In addition to benefiting from DC5’s exclusive guided tour, visitors will have the opportunity to discover scalers, experts in the digital world and the professions of the cloud. A specific opportunity for young talents who want to be recruited by European players.

On September 25, at Scaleway’s DataCenter 5, 25 Avenue de l’Eguillette, 95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, from 9:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., entry is free with reservation. 25 Avenue de l’Eguillette. However, you must be at least 12 years old (ID required).

you can Register on this pageAnd book a shuttle from Paris

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