Mark Zuckerberg gets pissed off with teasing in his head

Mark Zuckerberg gets pissed off with teasing in his head

To celebrate the arrival Horizon Worlds In France and Spain, Mark Zuckerberg posted a “very basic” selfie of his avatar in front of the Eiffel Tower. Immediately mocked by thousands of people, the Facebook boss responded to the controversy.

Millionaires are also vulnerable. Tuesday August 16, at the event Launch of the platform Horizon Worlds In France, Mark Zuckerberg posted a selfie of his avatar in the Metaverse in front of the Eiffel Tower and Sagrada Familia. A little attention, which he hoped would be welcome from the French and Spanish, finally drew back.

Twitter, Instagram and TikTok Gone to the forest Against the millionaire, let’s face it, his figure is ridiculous. His avatar looked like a PlayStation 2 game character, while the markings behind it looked almost hand-drawn.

Mark Zuckerberg promises improvements

In a normal world, Mark Zuckerberg might have ignored the criticism. However, it seems that these did not sit well with him, as Meta’s boss three days later, on August 19, the design Horizon Worlds is going to change.

“I know the photo that was released earlier this week was very basic. It was taken very quickly to celebrate the release. The graphics on Horizon are very capable, even on a headset, and Horizon is improving very fast. ยป

Mark Zuckerberg

At the next Connect conference (Meta’s annual meeting), Zuckerberg wants to announce a graphic overhaul of its site. The first two films have been released. One shows more realistic avatars and the other shows a photo-worthy virtual setting. This event usually takes place in the month of October.

Zuckerberg Horizon Worlds Instagram
Horizon Worlds will soon have graphical improvements. //Source: instagram

This reaction of Mark Zuckerberg was not a real controversy, but a joke on social networks, very surprising. She shows how The Metaverse is an important topic for the meta. The company is afraid that critics will spoil its product and does everything to limit its communication.

On our side, We tried for hours Horizon Worlds previous week. The graphics don’t bother us, but we wonder about the usefulness of this “metaware” on a daily basis.


Horizon Worlds // Source: Capture Numerama

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