What to do with your old phone, PC or tablet?

What to do with your old phone, PC or tablet?

Many of us have seen older devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.) get damaged due to a bloated battery over the years. Incidentally, here are some tips to follow if this happens to you.

Swollen battery
What to do with a swollen battery? // Source: Frandroid

We can try To protect our batteries, they, alas, have a tendency to bloat after a few years in old appliances lying at the bottom of a drawer. This seems to be especially true in the summer when heat waves affect them. at home FrandroidWe were able to enjoy it Samsung Galaxy S7 Whose outline is broken by accumulation.

This phenomenon may be too common, but it is nevertheless interesting. Some may wonder what to do with the old Skilled, Computer Where Tablet Whose battery is swollen. Here are some answers.

Why do batteries swell?

Remember that most of our electronic devices rely on lithium-ion batteries. These have many qualities, some drawbacks, but above all, as their name suggests, it works thanks to chemical reactions. Yes, you need to provide energy. It is recommended to maintain the power level of your smartphone between 20 and 80% precisely for the proper functioning of these chemical reactions. Prolonged exposure above or below this limit will accelerate battery aging.

🫣 @ArnaudGelineau He got a little surprise when he found his old Galaxy S7

Reminder ⚠️: If this happens to you, do not attempt to remove, use or charge the phone as it is dangerous! pic.twitter.com/7YgYD9rf4Z

— Frandroid (@Frandroid) July 26, 2022

However, even if you take good care of your device, its battery will inevitably wear out over the years. After a while, it will inevitably experience some malfunctions. Therefore, since these are chemical reactions, these concerns cause gas formation in some cases. This gas presses against the walls of the battery and gradually causes swelling.

By multiplying, the accumulator pushes against the surface of the smartphone (or PC or tablet). Apart from this, if the battery or its integration into the device is affected by a defect – like this The infamous Galaxy Note 7 -, the product may catch fire.

Swollen battery: Take all precautions

If you find the product exploding due to a swollen battery, proceed with extreme caution. Do not attempt to charge the device. Do not try to light it and avoid handling it as much as possible. There is always a significant risk of it blowing up in your face.

Also, just because you don’t see damage on a device (for example, a phone) doesn’t mean the battery inside isn’t swollen. Even in products that still appear intact, be alert for chemical or metallic odors that may escape. This is one of the symptoms of a swollen battery.

You should also know that keeping a damaged phone, PC or tablet at home is strongly discouraged. But beware, this doesn’t mean you can dispose of the device with your household waste. Electronic waste must undergo special treatment.

What to do with a swollen battery

In France, Ministry of Environmental Change Explain that” Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) often contains environmentally hazardous materials or components […]But they also have great potential to recycle the materials that make them up […] “. Therefore, it is best to go to the nearest recycling center to quietly deposit the damaged device.

The ministry also highlights the role of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) sector in France. It is in this context that the sites of organizations likeEco system Where Ecology Directs you to the right place to drop off your device for recycling. Feel free to inquire on these sites.

Finally, in the details of the Ministry of Environmental Change, one paragraph is particularly important.

[…]Producers of household electrical and electronic equipment are responsible for the collection and treatment of selected household WEEE on national territory, including overseas departments and overseas communities where national regulations apply.

In other words, it is in your best interest to inquire about the customer service of the brand (eg: Apple, Asus, Xiaomi, etc.) that markets your product. The latter should provide a plan to return the old devices either by organizing them themselves or depending on a specialized partner. This is in the same spirit as France has set out to promote environmentally-responsible behavior around electronic products. Repair code.

Finally, some may be tempted to replace their old device’s bloated battery themselves. We absolutely do not recommend this solution, especially for those who are not used to tinkering this way. however, iFixit gives you some pointers In this case. The more adventurous among you can check it out.

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