Astronomy.  A "strange phenomenon" was visible in the Côte-d'Or sky on Saturday evening: it was the Starlink satellites

Astronomy. A “strange phenomenon” was visible in the Côte-d’Or sky on Saturday evening: it was the Starlink satellites

We saw it in the sky at Longeault. Do you know what this is? » We got the first message from Camille at 9:49pm on Saturday. Then Donovan in Seine-Jean-de-Lasne, Constantin in Arcelaut, Cédric in Pichang and others contacted us about twenty minutes apart via social networks or email.

A train of satellites

The reason for these messages is a “light phenomenon”, such as “a long road”, “a train” or “a bright evening”. A description that immediately echoes one word in the head of any amateur in astronomy or sky watching: Starlink. Satellites from Elon Musk’s California company Space-X will allow satellite Internet access around the world. And it has already produced the same surprise on several occasions in recent years.

A quick cycle Heavens Above website, specialized in data on astronomical phenomena and passages of satellites, allowed us to confirm this theory. Indeed, several wagons of these famously bright satellites followed each other all Saturday evening above the Côte-d’Or.

Another proof that this phenomenon is especially visible on Saturday evenings, The tag “Starlink” was also top trending on Twitter With lots of photos and videos.

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