Algeria: Opponents Karim Dabo and Fethy Karez arrested in Bejaia

Algeria: Opponents Karim Dabo and Fethy Karez arrested in Bejaia

#Algeria : Several protesters of the Algerian regime were arrested by the police when they wanted to participate in the 66th commemoration of the Soummam Congress.

As an African proverb says, a monkey never stops climbing a tree. Now that the Algerian regime has ended prosecutions and police harassment of Hirag activists, he has reunited with his old love.

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The brother of Prime Minister Jaffar Dabo said that Karim Dabo, an icon of the protest movement against the Algerian regime, and his opponent, Fethy Garez, were arrested in Bejaia this Saturday, August 20. The latter announced on his Facebook page: “Political activist Karim Tabo was arrested this Saturday while visiting Ifri-Osellaguen to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Soumam Congress (August 20, 1956).

“Karim Dabo, a political dissident, was arrested by gendarmes on his way to the historic headquarters of Soumum Congress. He was prevented from joining the headquarters to commemorate the anniversary with the Algerians”, yet according to his brother, he also wonders: “Why did you stop him from commemorating the Soummam Congress with the Algerians? »

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Another enemy used in Algerian prisons was also arrested. This is the coordinator of the Democratic and Social Movement, Fethi Gares, a party known for its strong anti-regime stances. Also, many MDS militants were arrested like him. These include Messaoudha Seballa and Owahid Benhalla, as well as the former chairman of the APC in Osellakuwen, Rachid Beltjodi, according to the news site. All about AlgeriaIt quotes a news channel Berber TV.

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