The robot’s realistic facial expressions are increasingly disturbing

The robot's realistic facial expressions are increasingly disturbing

The Ameca robot now has a wide range of facial expressions, and in a new video it looks at itself in a mirror.

Do you remember the movie? I, the robot, with Will Smith inspired by the work of Isaac Asimov? The movie’s androids seem to have become a reality in the warehouses of Engineering Arts – an aesthetic reality, anyway, because we’re a long way from that when it comes to artificial intelligence. Robots do not approach a form of intelligence and even less a conscience.

However, on a visual level, works of engineering art are a little giddy. Already in 2021, a video of both the facial expressions of a robot called Amecca went viral on the Internet. were realistic – with this little page creepyStrange, associating these human winds with a machine.

America is back, one New video Posted on August 12, 2022. And clearly, it’s even more disturbing.

12 new facial expressions

In the video, Ameka shows off 12 new facial expressions while looking in the mirror. The robot sometimes looks surprised, surprised, happy or disgusted. And, he also winks.

“POV: My Head Before I Destroy Humanity” // Source: Engineering Arts

If video is convenient for you, it is A well-known phenomenon nicknamed the “Uncanny Valley”.. Japanese engineer Masahiro Mori conceived the concept in the 1970s. Initially, he believed that the more human-like robots were, the more empathetic they would be. Then, following the upward curve, we reach a peak where the robots look like us while being obviously artificial, where they inspire us with hatred, disgust.

Either way, Amega remains a standard robot. He can’t walk, engineering arts that focus on facial expressions and gestures. ” At the forefront of humanoid robotics technology, Amecca is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. “, the company boasts on his website.


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