A black hole, that elusive object of desire

A black hole, that elusive object of desire

On April 10, 2019, in front of our eyes: the teams of the Event Horizon Telescope released the first image of a black hole, called M87 Etoile. Three years later, the first snapshot of Sagittarius A Etoile, our supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way. These images, sometimes compared to giant doughnuts, are irrefutable proof of the presence of these monsters at the center of galaxies.

“It’s a light-trapping object whose gravitational field is strong enough to prevent light from escaping. So it appears black because light is trapped inside…” – Alain Riazuelo

While the concept of black holes is more than two centuries old, they have long remained the imaginations of theorists. Stephen Hawking also spoke about this: “It is sometimes said that reality trumps fiction and nothing is true in the case of black holes. They are stranger than anything science fiction writers could imagine.

A black hole, that elusive object of desire“This is our discovery today, a unique discovery. Welcome.”Eureka!“.

“The study of black holes is fundamental because it allows us to understand how stars form, but because they are so exotic objects, the laws of nature are pushed to extremes. It allows us to better understand the concepts of space, time. , but important…” – Laic villain

There is joy in getting to understand how we are able to see these things that are by definition invisible Alain RiazueloResearcher at the CNRS, at the Astrophysical Institute of Paris and author of the book “Black Holes: In Search of the Invisible“For depok versions. We’re with you Laic villainProfessor-Researcher in Physics at the Denis Poisson Institute, University of Tours.

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find” Eureka! In a book to be published in November by Alissio / France Culture Editions

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