He doesn't clear the airtags of the stuff he steals fast enough

He doesn’t clear the airtags of the stuff he steals fast enough

This is once againAir Tag Who talks about him in the section Various facts of local newspapers. At this point, its use does not seem to deviate from its primary purpose (protecting items against loss or theft) and is not about a harassment file!

In fact, one person was later arrested A lengthy investigation was conducted in Florida. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (almost looks like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to announce That Data from many Airtags It made it possible to find the author of many plagiarisms : An airline employee stole thousands of dollars worth of checked luggage before being arrested.

Many users have reported losing their bags or suitcases (one, over $15,000 worth of jewelry!), some of which were equipped with a small beacon. Fearful of this type of tracker, the thief searched for his booty, but apparently not fast enough, as several air tags were positioned in front of them. disappearing !

He doesn't clear the airtags of the stuff he steals fast enough

As a reminder, the one designed by Apple after the first hack was discovered The alert system allows a person to unknowingly follow a beacon and receive an alert on their smartphone (iPhone Android). On April 26, he released a new version firmware of Airtags Modification of the sound emitted by an unknown beacon, which can be placed on a person’s possessions without their knowledge.

Here’s our AirTags test!

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