The Giant Magellan Telescope will be the largest telescope ever built on Earth

The Giant Magellan Telescope will be the largest telescope ever built on Earth

The eyes are logically trained on the exceptional images sent in bulk Through the lens of James Webb (JWST) since inception. In the very near future and once built we will no doubt be amazed The Giant Magellan Telescope Can deliver, and this from earth.

In a press release Taken by interesting engineeringDR Robert Sheldon, the project’s president and co-founder, announced that it has received $205 million in funding, which will make it possible to accelerate the construction of the massive structure, which will join the already vast array of instruments. Las Campanas LaboratoryIn the Chilean Atacama Desert.

Twelve stories tall, the Giant Magellan Telescope system is to be built by the Ingersoll Rand Factory in Illinois. Seven divisions of its primary mirrorEach has a record diameter close to 8.4 meters supported University of Arizona Richard F. By Cary’s Mirror Lab.

Assembled in the shape of a flower, the elements are expected to reach a total height of 25 meters. “Funding is a true collaborative effort by our founders.”, says Dr. Robert Shelton. In relevant institutions, support Very Large Telescope Project: Carnegie Institution for Science, São Paulo Research Foundation, or the Universities of Texas, Arizona, and Chicago.

to infinity and beyond

This “very large telescope” project aims to keep the US at the forefront of space observation from Earth. This is hundreds of millions of dollars in funding “Permission[ont] The construction of the world’s largest mirrors, the giant structure that supports and aligns them, and scientific instruments that make it possible to study the chemical evolution of stars and planets like never before.Adds Dr. Robert Shelton.

The machine will actually offer some pretty crazy properties. According to the impressive engineering, it will be 200 times more powerful than current telescopes, have 10 times more light-gathering surface area and provide 4 times better resolution than the James Webb Space Telescope. .

Sophisticated spectrographs and instruments capable of capturing high contrasts should be used in conjunction with JWST. “The Giant Magellan Telescope will be the next step in understanding the physics and chemistry of the smallest light sources in space discovered by JWST”Interesting engineering writing.

This collection will undoubtedly help scientists around the world to better understand the mysteries and questions surrounding dark matter or dark energy, to better understand the origin of galaxies and their constituents, or to find traces of possible extraterrestrial life on distant planets.

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