New Skills You Can Pick Up Online

In this modern-day age of the Internet, social media, and technology, learning a new skill is not only accessible for everyone but can often be free if you know where to look. We all love to ‘Google’ or ‘surf the net’, so why not put it to good use? Whether it’s life skills or job skills, mastering the art of origami, or becoming the next Jimi Hendrix, the web will have the answer.

Just a few clicks and a secure Internet connection can bring you help from global tutors and field experts who post useful ‘how to’ tips or online courses for you to follow from the comfort of your own home via your desktop computer or a dedicated mobile app. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular new skills that you can pick up online:

Play Like A Pro

”The name’s Bond, James Bond…” Many of you will have heard this famous introduction at some time or another, some may have even read the Ian Fleming books, but most will have seen one or two of the fantastic, action-packed movies featuring the British spy. Everyone knows Bond, who loves to drink a ‘vodka Martini, shaken not stirred’ and enjoys nothing more than challenging his villains with a quick game of baccarat or poker across the green felt of a glitzy casino table.

If it’s an introduction to online casinos you’re after, there are plenty of articles and ‘how to play’ blogs available on the web. You may not want to stop at the classics, such as poker, baccarat or blackjack, it could be that modern-day slot games are more your thing. Whatever takes your fancy, soon, you could be playing like a pro, enjoying the glitz and glamour of an online casino without the expense of a Las Vegas trip!

Master Of The Kitchen

Maybe you fancy cooking up a storm but right now your signature dish stretches to burnt toast and overcooked eggs. Is there a Gordon Ramsey inside you that’s just waiting to burst out and get those culinary juices flowing? Do you wish to turn your Hell’s Kitchen into a foodies haven? No fear, you can find thousands of recipes, ‘how-to’s’, YouTube videos, and online courses on the Internet to help you get that signature dish perfected.

Maybe it’s a skill that you wish to perfect for family meals, maybe it’s for a career change, or maybe it’s a lifestyle change from meat-eater to vegetarian, no matter the reason, the Internet can show you how. Food experts love to share their tips for how to make the next best meal, appetizer, or dessert and they’ll have you turning out perfect eggs Benedict, beef wellington, or heavenly chocolate fondant in no time.


Many of us, at some point or another, will decide that it’s time for a change, whether that be in a professional capacity or personal life development, we might be searching for that ‘je ne sais quoi’. Technology has made it possible to upskill easily, from producing a redefined cover letter and resume to understanding advanced formulas in Microsoft Excel, from learning the art of meditation to becoming the next Picasso, all of this is made possible through the click of a mouse.

Learn A Language

Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Nin Hao! Asalaam Alaikum! Konnichiwa! Ever fancied speaking another language? Planning a trip away and want to blend in with the locals? As technology shrinks our world, learning a new language not only transforms your life but can give you newfound confidence and expand your thinking, opening the door to a world full of personal and professional possibilities.

Worried about the time commitment? There’s no need to be, many online courses are designed to give a five to ten minute bite-size tutorial, which you can access on a daily basis. Of course, if you can fit in more than five to ten minutes, then the world’s your oyster, as they say. You don’t even need to remain at your desk for this skill as most courses offer an app for learning on the move.


For many years, coders were looked upon as ‘nerds’, those who understood the incomprehensible, but as time has moved on and technology has evolved, so has the shift of understanding. Coding is a skill that is valued by employers and can be taught from an early age.

Yet it’s not just the young who can pick up this skill, many of us are looking to coding as a valid career change. Basic coding can help launch a new app or perform search engine optimization, whereas advanced coding skills can lead to the development of a new video game, life-saving medical advancements, and so much more.

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