Tidjane Thiam is a real blow to Ouattara

Tidjane Thiam is a real blow to Ouattara

The PDCI RDA Regained vigor upon return Tidjane Thiam In Ivory Coast. The lean Ivorian politician’s approach rejects the rare effective anti-Ouattara program. Patrice Dama Tell me about it…

Tidjan Thiam unleashes his joker against Bedi Ouattara

When there is President’s rule Henry Conan Paddy Under the malice of the late General Robert Cui, Ditjen Thiam was on a mission abroad. A champion of international finance has bravely returned to a stormy Ivory Coast. As expected, General Robert Cui’s men would focus on him under house arrest.

Negotiations then began to divert him from the PDCI RDA and Henry Conan Paddy who had lost power. But how can you be the grandson of the late Felix Houphoud Boigny and ignore the clan he shaped and led since Côte d’Ivoire’s independence in the first leg?

Despite the insistence of General Robert Cui, who wanted to do Kering’s executive is its prime minister, Didjan Thiam They refuse to be humiliated Henry Conan Paddy To whom many party workers have already turned their backs. He rejects all of Guei’s offers, and upon regaining his freedom, he chooses to settle far away from this situation in a country that has embraced instability for 20 years.

Ditjen Thiam at Bedi in Dougrow

A start from zero to hero

When he moved to Paris, where he became a partner at the Mckinsey company, Didjan Thiam took part in raising the colors of the American company from the management of the “financial institutions” sector to the top, which was the beginning of a long and incredible professional ascent.

Thiam was unaware of the dimension of the bond of trust he had forged with President Henry Conan Paddy through this selection. Dougrow’s Phoenix Memorial and its ambitious enthusiasts should pay attention to it soon.

Invited by Emmanuel Macron to become Minister of Economy and Prime Minister in France, the alumnus of the classical high school in Abidjan, a graduate of the Paris Polytechnic School, never returned from his grandfather’s country. He returned to Abidjan more than 20 years after he last left, a steadfast, faithful Ivory.

Unlike many party executives who quickly retreated, Thidjane Thiam, thanks to his self-imposed behavior, exudes the character of living as a great man. You should have a certain level of confidence to list the course we know for him. You have to be brave enough to leave the job of minister of an African country and fight for a place among the best.

Henri Konan Bédié is completely unconscious

Henri Konan Bédié was apparently not always insensitive to the personal profile of the man most loyal to him. The two have not met in Cote d’Ivoire since their collaboration ended abruptly in 1999. Their diaries indicate that they saw each other only occasionally in Paris. The meeting on Tuesday 9th August has a special flavor because beyond calculation is actually the return of the Providential Man who is helping PDCI.

Several candidates for the presidency of Cote d’Ivoire have repeatedly made themselves known within the party. Jean Louis Billon Can someone who has already advanced compete? The question is fair.

He doesn’t have Thiam’s background or network, and neither does his longevity within the PDCI RDA. Tidjane Thiam Being born and sustained in the party is an undeniable strong point which will not fail to count from the point of view of the base when the time comes.

His address book in the world, his reputation, Tidjane Thiam is the only Ivorian capable of blocking the path to President Alassane Ouattara in 2025. During his visit to Abidjan, the visit of President Alassane Ouattara led people to think he was slipping. A graduate of the National School of Mines in Paris, his RHDP (advanced promotion) only polished his image as a quiet man.

Didjane Thiam is happy with PDCI and Paddy

Didjane Thiam asserts himself at PDCI

To be more specific, OK! His report to President Henry Conan Paddy at Dougrow quickly clarified the debate.

“I did not leave PDCI RDA. We know a lot about the story of President Félix Houphouet Boigny (his uncle, editor’s note), but we know less about my maternal grandfather, a founding member of PDCI. I have always been a member without leaving the PDCI-RDA party. So , My family and I are in continuity. We are PDCI »Cote d’Ivoire’s former Minister of Planning and Development from 1998 to 1999 began without hesitation.

We can say that the Franco-Ivorian took his time saving his mount. He has the network and the people to influence his destiny without being proud of it. This may be evidence of his knowledge of his own greatness.

Who better than the current Chairman of the Board of Directors Rwanda Finance Limited PDCI should be given a chance to come back to power Alasane Ouattara At the height of his power?

A perfect horse for paddy

There is a former managing director of Credit Suisse who is ready for the ceremony, and no one in Cote d’Ivoire or anywhere else in the world can discuss that. He told a foreign media that the time has come for Africa to change before exporting its wealth. Created by his great-uncle Félix Houphoud Boigny, whose success in Côte d’Ivoire has always been based on agriculture, this dream will undoubtedly bring to life.

We want to believe that his posture and his ideas will truly change the country. We believe with Thiam that a RHDP will vote for the President of the PDCI for the first time without fearing the humiliation of its President when he passes the apron.

Henry Conan Paddy feels he is on the right horse against Alassane Ouattara, who lost his illusions after Dougrow’s conviction appeal.

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