Salah Abdeslam’s defense was confirmed by Delphine Basi

Salah Abdeslam's defense was confirmed by Delphine Basi

Delphine Paci has agreed to defend Salah Abdeslam after the resignation of French lawyer Olivia Ronen, who represented his interests in the trial of the attacks in Paris. “It seems to me irreconcilable to launch a legal battle on the merits of the case in Brussels when Abdeslam has given up defending himself in the Paris proceedings without appealing against the judgment of June 29, 2022,” the lawyer coming.

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At the Paris trial, Delphine Bassi defended Hamza Attu, one of the three defendants. The lawyer, who has already defended several people accused of terrorism in Brussels, will be assisted by a colleague who has not revealed his identity in support of Salah Abdeslam.

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Morocco was sentenced in June by the Paris Assizes Court to life imprisonment and inviolable protection for his role in the November 13, 2015, attacks in Paris. Transferred to Itre prison in Belgium on July 13, he will appear with nine other defendants in the trial of the March 22, 2016 attacks in Brussels, which will open on October 13 at the Brussels Assize Court.

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