Why is Brittany so fired up?

Plus de 30 incendies se sont déclarés dans le Morbihan en l'espace d'un week-end. © Canva

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In France, 15,000 hectares of vegetation become smog every year. 90% of forest fires are caused by humans and one in two are caused by carelessness.

This is an incredible situation that has occurred in recent days in Brittany: in one weekend, more than 30 fires have erupted in Morbihan, as well as in Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine and the. Cotes-d’Armor. Although these fire outbreaks are almost always of human origin, conditions Weather report The last few months have been very favorable conditions for fires. Fire danger is currently at an extreme level in more than half of Brittany, and at the highest level of “very serious” in part of Morbihan. Copernicus data. Four meteorological parameters lead to this catastrophic situation in the region: DroughtThe HeatSunlight and wind.

It has never been so hot in Brittany

Brittany is faced with a situation Drought Lasted months: Rainfall deficit reached -40% from 1R Accordingly from January to August 7 Meteo France. The region recorded 308 mm of rainfall against the average of 513 mm. It was the second driest year on record in France after 1976 (196 mm and -62% deficit).

On the other hand, the temperature is completely new Brittany : This is the hottest year on record for the region since weather records began in 1947.irregularity The temperature reached +1.2°C above normal. Remember that in 1976, the Brittany region did not experience any thermal anomalies, temperatures were average.

Dry winds are frequent in this region

Sunshine is approaching record levels, with a +25% surplus since the start of the year. Another parameter that worsens an already high-risk situation is wind. Presence of an anticyclone in northwestern Europe A series of northeasterly winds have been building for several weeks, known to dry out vegetation. This dry air was precisely when many fires started last weekend and will continue into Thursday or Friday, increasing fire risk.

A combination of drought, historic heat, strong sunlight and dry air has led to exceptional fire danger. In this favorable environment, the possibility of starting a fire in the middle of the tourist season is obviously multiplied: too much human activity inevitably leads to fire risk. A few storms over the weekend will be beneficial.

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