Small wonder, iOS 16 integrates battery percentage

Small wonder, iOS 16 integrates battery percentage

2022 technology now makes it possible to embed an icon for the remaining battery level in the iPhone’s status bar. A new feature of iOS 16 is coming.

Interface of iPhone 13 Pro
iOS Widgets on iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Brandon Lopes – FranDroid

It is often said that operating systems for smartphones are mature. The new stuff they offer year after year is interesting, but the experience in the 2000s can’t be replaced. Apple is here to remind us that innovation never goes away, and we watch With iOS 16.

The next iPhone system, expected to be released in September, has received the 5th beta with some additional new features.

The percentage is back in the status bar

Since the arrival of the iPhone X and notch screens, Apple no longer provides users with at-a-glance access to the remaining battery percentage. You had to go to the control center to find the percentage next to the battery. This display is similar to the one offered in macOS, which allows Apple a certain aesthetic consistency.

iOS 16 iGen Battery
New options for battery display // Source:

Five years after the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple engineers managed to find a solution to this conundrum. Display the remaining battery percentage on the battery icon and next to it! The ingenuity of this solution may scare more than one, but not Apple, so in a few weeks we have to present this innovation.

Beyond the joke about the timing of this innovation’s return, we can take comfort in the fact that Apple is offering it to all notch iPhones. with iPhone 14, Apple should reduce the size of the notch, which will keep the percentage next to the battery. Innovation is reserved for some new models. Fortunately, this isn’t the path Apple chose.

The new iPhone operating system is available in beta. Here’s everything to know about his account: availability, compatible iPhones, news…
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