FBI – Three Frenchmen in sight of liberation

FBI - Three Frenchmen in sight of liberation

Cyber ​​Criminality

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Three teenagers have been accused by US authorities of being active members of a world-renowned group of cybercriminals known as “Shinyhunters”. Morocco has approved the extradition of one of them, Sébastien Raoult, to the United States, where he is serving a 116-year sentence.

For two years the FBI played cat and mouse. US federal services may finally puff up their chest: Morocco on Monday approved the extradition to the US of Sébastien Raoult, a young Frenchman implicated in a major digital data theft case of international scope that began in 2020. Risks – in theory – 116 years in prison if combined sentences for each crime he is charged with by the US Department of Justice.

Much of this stuff is taking place amidst the covid pandemic. On March 28, 2020, in Bellevue, a large city in the northwestern US state of Washington, an engineer’s computer received an email containing all traces of a message sent by the software service GitHub. The company was recently acquired by Microsoft. Without hesitation, the employee clicks and enters his username and then password. And, without realizing it, you can slip 500GB of internal data into its case. Microsoft, the global software giant, is therefore about to be hacked. As for stocks, it takes…

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