Microsoft is finally releasing a new version of File Explorer

A new, modernized version of Windows 11 File Explorer is finally available in the Windows Insider channel after months in beta. We tell you everything you need to know about this new version.

Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs
Credit: Microsoft

In the latest preview, build 25174, which was recently deployed to the Windows Insider Program, doesn’t just add the feature that Microsoft allows. Around the taskbarBut Widget for Xbox app. Not only these two changes, but also the American company Finally introduced its new File Explorer.

It’s done now Microsoft spent months trying to make its File Explorer more practical Navigate through the folders on your computer. The new version was previously available in the beta channel, but is now available Accessible to all members of the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 11 File Explorer is being modernized

In addition to being Less greedy on RAM than before, The new File Explorer finally benefits from an updated design. This version now works in tabbed layout. These allow you to multiply pages without opening new pages, Handy for users who are tired of juggling between multiple windows.

File Explorer also benefits from a new start page called “Home” where one can find Quick access to folders and other recently viewed documents, but also a new favorites management option. The Quick Access name has been reused in the Pinned/Frequent Folders section and pinned files are now called Favorites to sync with Office and OneDrive.

Further, Recent and pinned files displayed in the home section can now be searched using the search field from File Explorer, even if they are not local files. A new command will also appear: Shift + Right Click. When used in File Explorer, a context menu ” Show more options appears.

Finally, Microsoft added OneDrive integration to File Explorer. While browsing your OneDrive folders, Now you can see your sync status and storage usage Without leaving File Explorer. This new File Explorer is expected to be available to everyone with the October 2022 update Windows 11.

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