According to NASA - La Nouvelle Tribune a giant asteroid has grazed Earth

According to NASA – La Nouvelle Tribune a giant asteroid has grazed Earth

A large asteroid passed Earth on Friday August 5, 2022, the US space agency announced. The object 2022 OE2 was identified only on July 26. It will be the size of two football fields. According to scientists, its impact on Earth would have had the effect of a thousand atomic bombs. According to NASA, it passed 5.1 million kilometers from Earth. This distance may be 13 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

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Before 2022 OE2, other objects also passed very close to Earth. It is, for example, just 90,000 km from the 2022 NF planet. Characteristically, it was small, measuring 5.5 x 12.5 meters. For now, according to data from the US space agency, Earth is not worried about an asteroid impact.

Earth is not protected

However, NASA estimates that the likelihood of a catastrophic impact within the next 100 years is extremely low. We also note that there is currently no mechanism to protect the planet from a catastrophic scenario where a large near-Earth asteroid could strike the Earth. The American and Chinese space research centers are continuously conducting research in this direction.

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