Comparison Duel: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Nothing Phone (1)

Comparison Duel: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Nothing Phone (1)

Both the devices have good photo sensors and put up an interesting fight. That’s good news, because it’s not always the case in the middle.

When Samsung opts for a quadruple module, nothing is simpler by settling for two. The South Korean opts for a 64 Mpx wide-angle, whose lens opens at f / 1.8 and is paired with a 12 Mpx (f / 2.2) ultra-wide-angle. The set is completed by two macro and depth sensors each with 5 MPx (f/2.4). The Nothing Phone (1) has two sensors (wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle) of 50 Mpx.

Here again, the outsiders stand out. At wide angle, and while the Galaxy A53’s image is sharp and detailed, nothing is better quality than the phone’s (1). It particularly benefits from more accurate color metering, while the Samsung looks saturated. At night, both smartphones protect themselves well. The Galaxy A53 5G retains a good amount of detail, but exhibits digital noise. Very soft digital smoothing doesn’t show anything, which gives a slightly less accurate, but similar result.

Even rarer to underline, both smartphones deliver good results at ultra-wide angle. This is at least the case when there is an abundance of light, which allows you to use clear and detailed shots. Despite its low definition, the Samsung sensor is nothing to be ashamed of and shows better sharpness than its competitor.

It inevitably gets worse at night, where both mobiles don’t really deliver satisfactory results. Samsung’s snapshot, however, stands out better.

Nothing beats the performance of its main sensor, which was already neck and neck Pixel 6a in the previous fight.

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