American Airlines invests in ZeroAvia

Avion hydrogène : American Airlines investit dans Zero Avia
American Airlines has decided to invest in hydrogen aircraft manufacturer ZeroAvia.

Along with this initiative, a memorandum of understanding will enable the acquisition of 100 ZA2000-RJ hydrogen-electric powertrains designed by ZeroAvia. These systems will be used to operate zero-emission regional jets by 2030.

This investment will allow American Airlines to meet its various climate objectives. The American company received the first batch of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) certified by CORSIA and concluded an agreement with Gevo for the acquisition of 500 million gallons of this fuel over 5 years. It is also the first airline in the world to receive validation from science-based targets for its greenhouse gas reduction objectives by 2035.

For its part, ZeroAvia is targeting a range of 480 km by 2024 for its 9- to 19-seater aircraft and 1,120 km by 2026 for its 40- to 80-seater aircraft. The American-British manufacturer has already carried out several concrete tests. Aircraft and has signed important partnerships with world renowned aircraft manufacturers and airlines.

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