Earth spins faster than usual, scientists baffled – La Nouvelle Tribune

Earth spins faster than usual, scientists baffled - La Nouvelle Tribune

The Earth is spinning faster than usual and the days are now shorter. This is at least an observation made by scientists UK National Physical Laboratory. The data collected compares to what it was 50 years ago. According to the data recorded on June 29, the Earth’s complete rotation lasted 1.59 milliseconds within 24 hours. Some scientists already think it necessary to review the number of seconds on our atomic clocks.

“If Earth’s rapid rotation continues, that first negative leap will lead to the introduction of a second”Astrophysicist said Graham Jones to the stage “It must keep civil time – which is based on the super-regular rhythm of atomic clocks – synchronized with solar time, which is based on the movement of the sun in the sky. »He continued.

The consequences?

According to the scientist, this change in the clock is still not without consequences. It can have effects on computer systems. “The impact of a negative leap second is largely untested; it can have a devastating effect on software that relies on timers or schedulers”The researchers noted. Oleg Oblukov And Ahmed Baikovi In a blog post.

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