Apple Inserts More Ads in App Store!

There are adsAppStore For a few years now. But this time, Apple Want to increase the number of ads in use. These are new Advertising spaces Originally offered in the United States. They have been in France since August 1.

New ad spots in the App Store

Generally the Advertising is onAppStore Appears on tab only “research”. This is in France since 2018. But it’s time for change within corporate America. Advertisements are now much more common than Apple users can imagine. Now we can see them Home page From the App Store. They are especially visible on the tab “today”. And they provide all kinds of apps and games that we can enjoy. Access is through these lots sold to developers “Search Ads”. This is Search advertising Professionals can increase their visibility while reaching their customers.

Photo credit: Unsplash / James Yarema

Hence the amount of ad space increases drasticallyAppStore From Brand to Apple. This initiative is also surprising since it was originally taken by an anti-advertising organization. These new features will surely please app creators. But it should be completely different iOS users

The choice is ours

Of course these messages must seem unsatisfying to users, but there is also good news! You can make sure you don’t see them. In fact, a simple method is at your fingertips turn off. All you have to do “Systems” From your iPhone. Then you should go “Privacy”Then inside “Apple Ad”. Finally, Turn them off “Personalized Ads”. And voila!

Photo credit: Unsplash / Luca

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