RTP: Why You Win More Often in Some Slots

Playing casino games comes with the risk of losing and the reward of winning. However, some slots offer chances of winning more than losing. This is, perhaps, why some players seem to win more in some slots than others, especially if a casino can give 20 spins on registration with no deposit required. The key to winning often in slot games need not remain a mystery. Listed below are tips to follow to win in any casino game.

Play Slots With Low Volatility

Are you tired of losing every session? You may want to try playing on slot machines with low volatility. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have less volatile slot machines. However, low volatile machines provide high chances of short-term wins. The major factors to consider are the payout sizes. If a game has a small jackpot and other prizes, it is most likely that such a game pays more.

On the other hand, you should steer clear of slot machines with massive progressive jackpots. Most providers attach quite a lot of money to such bonuses, which means they expect a lot of returns. In some cases, volatile slot machines feature a small jackpot, but they include multiple bonuses that may amount to a big payout. Check also a beginner’s guide to navigating the casino without losing your shirt.

Types of Volatility

  • Low Volatility: This type of volatility allows a player to win less amount, but he will win often.
  • Medium Volatility: This type of volatility tries to create a balance between your winnings and losses. It also makes the whole gaming experience enjoyable for players.
  • High Volatility: This type of volatility prevents players from winning often, but if a player eventually wins, the prize is usually very rewarding.

Before selecting a game to play, determine the amount, you can safely lose. So if you have a low budget, you may want to choose low-volatility games. However, if you have money and you’re not afraid to lose some of it, then high volatility games might be the best for you. This will allow you to have a good gaming experience.

Play Games With High RTP

Before you choose to play online casinos, one of the most important things to consider is the Return-to-player percentage. Considering the RTP is important because it determines how much you win. It is also a crucial factor that shows you how to win slot games as well as the exact amount you’re expected to win from a particular game.

Importantly, every online slot machine has a fixed RTP rate. For example, if a player plays a game with a 93% RTP rate, such player can rake in $93 for every $100 bet he makes. Thus the more the RTP rate, the more a player’s chances of making little profit increase. Notably, slot machines with low RTP are not necessarily bad. Their RTP is low because they have big pool costs and jackpots.

Again, there are no guarantees that a player would win more if he plays games with a good return to player (RTP). The key to improving your chances of winning in the long run is by playing slot machines with a good payback. Online slot games are much preferred for any player looking for a good payback percentage. This is because online casinos don’t require much money to run like land-based casinos.

RTPs for online slot games are quite easy to find even before you start playing. Software operators provide the public with information on slot games’ payback rates. The rate may be found through a simple query on Google. On the contrary, land-based slots don’t make their payout rate public information. This is largely because there’s no one size fits all RTP rate for a certain game. Casino operators may impose varying pay schedules. Read also about the city handing out bonuses despite budget crunch.

Avoid Jackpots Slots

Understandably, the goal of playing casino games is to win. And it’s even better if you win big. However, many people incur major losses just because they relentlessly pursue the big win. Though winning big is the delight of any player, spending money on progressive jackpot slots may result in a big loss for you.

Progressive slots have high volatility. This is because of their high payback rate. You should expect not to win at all for quite a long period if you choose to play the progressive slot. The chances of winning during this period is quite slim. This inevitably leads to recurrent loss of deposit.

Another reason to avoid progressive slots is because of how thin the chances of getting a payout for any small wins are, especially because the RTP of these games is very low. For instance, a progressive slot created by Microgaming has an RTP of 88.12%. With such a rate, you can only get a return of $88.12 on a $100 bet placed on multiple spins.

Players who choose to play progressive slots often leave the casino tired and frustrated. This is mostly due to the heightened expectation of hitting that big win which falls flat upon recurrent losses. Their sense of satisfaction is lost, having failed to win a prize that seems very easy to grab.

In place of the jackpot slot, it is better to play games that reward small wins. You are more likely to get a better gaming experience if you opt for those. Also, non-jackpot slot games offer steady wins to an extent contrary to the long distant hope of winning big in jackpot slots.

Make Use of Bonuses

A lot of people enjoy playing online casinos due to the bonuses they get from it. However, pay close attention to the terms and conditions of any bonus offer before you accept. Notwithstanding, bonuses are a great way to win more. Winning a good bonus will grant you a better reward than you’d win without the bonus.

Luckily, online casinos are also trying to rein In more players by providing bonuses. Some of these bonuses include free spins and deposit bonuses. Notably, free spins are only for certain games. Also, some casinos give players free spins without a deposit. A good example is Fortune Jack. Players are given free spins just for registration and account verification.

Also, look out for promotions offered by casinos. Some online casinos give out bonuses throughout the week. Importantly, payouts and deposit bonuses must be wagered many times before they can be withdrawn. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to know how many times you’ll have to wager bonuses.


The points above show the factors that guarantee wins to casino players. Winning gives you a sense of satisfaction and value for your money. If you want to enjoy consistent wins in all your games, you should follow the points above.


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