Paris is not the most beautiful city in the world, says science!

Paris is not the most beautiful city in the world, says science!

The places to live in retirement are the ones with the best quality of life, the places where you eat the best, and if not, the places where you have the most fun.

Citing the world’s most beautiful must be a challenge for the obvious reason of subjectivity. However, when we rely on the golden ratio, we find that there are many perfect places from an aesthetic point of view. It’s not Paris…

World’s first tourist attraction

The facade in freestone, its austerity and aesthetics in the Haussmann style, the harmony of historical buildings that enchant romantic couples at night… Paris, the first tourist destination in the world, is not very aesthetic when using the golden ratio. or “The golden ratio“In English. A proportion is defined in geometry as governing the harmonious relationship between parts and the whole.

Scientists use this data, identified in the form 1.61803398875 or 1:1.618, to define what is most beautiful in the fields of art, nature, flowers, but also beauty (remember that A ranking established by a British surgeon from the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery named London-based supermodel Bella Hadid the most beautiful woman in the world).

Even in tourism, science can be trusted to dictate that such and such a destination is the most beautiful. Relying on architecture to dictate whether a city is aesthetically pleasing is certainly a question. It is clear that Hausmannian codes have nothing in common. The City of Love is only twelfth in the rankings drawn up by Online Mortgage Advisor, a British specialist in real estate advice. The views published in Google Street View first made it possible to study the curves and lines of streets and major monuments to define proportions. The data was then compared to the popular golden ratio to establish One to 25.

Chance or coincidence of this survey by a purely British soldier, several places in Her Majesty Elizabeth’s kingdom are included in the results from Liverpool to Edinburgh. It is a town in Cheshire, Wales, at the entrance to Chester, which won the race, with a score of almost 83.7%.

Venice is second in the international ranking with a score of 83.3% “The golden ratio“London is close behind with a proportion of 83%. Rome with 82%, then Barcelona with 81.9% and Prague with 78.7%. Finally we have to wait for the ninth place to find a French destination. The winner is Bordeaux (75.3%).

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