Massive hack underway in Solana: 4 priority security measures

Massive hack underway in Solana: 4 priority security measures

An air of panic is blowing Solana Network From 2 a.m. French time. It was during this time that a massive and coordinated attack was launched, targeting thousands of wallets and emptying them of their contents. Although the circumstances of this hack are unclear, we encourage you to take some precautions to keep your assets safe.

The hack is active in Solana

At the time of writing, this attack, unprecedented in its scale, is still ongoing and concerns more than 8,000 wallets (crypto wallets) that have returned more than 6 million dollars in SOL cryptocurrencies and other tokens of this blockchain. Solana is one of the most important projects Based on activities and assessment.

Several groups are on the bridge, beyond the Solana community, as events continue to unfold by the hour. Currently, the investigation is inconclusive even though the attack took place from 4 identified addresses.

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What to do with Solana’s hack?

Actually, the attack is executed by removing user wallets. This hack seems to mainly target the wallet illusion And slope. If the potential vulnerabilities of these wallets were mentioned early, the Phantom team on its official channel during their investigations, No fault has been detected yet.

A vulnerability was also considered on the side of ecologically iconic sites such as Solcia or the Magic Eden. This second hypothesis has yet to be confirmed.

But there are many gray areas at the time of writing, and it’s not worth using Solana Networks yourself. Some safety tips are followed.

Precaution 1: Return your funds to cold storage

After verifying that your wallet is not affected by the hack, Transferring your funds to cold storage Might be a good idea. In fact, pre-current components don’t seem to care about hacking cold storage (hardware wallet). So if you have a key notebook, Engrave Where Trezor, Please take a few minutes to return your assets.

Precaution 2: Disable access permissions to your wallets

think about Disable all access permissions for your browser wallet. These last An NFT is often open fresh or after a contact Smart contract. These are the right paths to access your funds. You can find a tool that allows you to remove these authorizations in the parameters of your wallet.

Precaution 3: Transfer your funds to a centralized trusted platform

If you don’t have a cold wallet, there may be a solution Transfer your tokens to a centralized platform (CEX). as Finance Where FTX. While purists may find fault with that, entrusting the safety and security of your assets to a reputable veteran will allow you to wait out the storm more quietly.

Precaution 4: Be careful on social networks

Tricksters of all kinds know it well: moments of stress and anxiety make their prey more vulnerable. Also, if you survive a major hack, thanks to ambient stress, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of someone trying to impersonate a customer service or consulting firm to access your finances. Apart from networks and official sites, Don’t take their word for it, especially on social media Do not hand over sensitive information such as a private key or password to anyone.

The description below is with an account pretending to be phantom customer service and trying to recover a suspiciously memorable passphrase.

Le Journal du Coin will keep you informed of developments in the situation throughout the day. Meanwhile, be careful and don’t make emotional decisions.

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