An Angérien introduces Kolibri, a smart terminal for golfers

An Angérien introduces Kolibri, a smart terminal for golfers

Along with his partner Eli Genard, an engineer, he used his prison term to mature a project involving the little white ball. A few months later, here is the hummingbird. “It is a digital terminal that is installed near the practices (warm-up and practice area). Our aim is to make these practices more attractive and pleasant, which many golfers and my family members avoid (laughs)…”, explains the 30-year-old.

Inspirational comment

The name “Colibri” also refers directly to the golf vocabulary (many bird names are used on golf courses) and this tool already exists. “In fact, confirms Elie Genard, an American company offers the most sophisticated. Our Colibri system is simple… and therefore less expensive. »

Both partners have divided tasks according to their skills and relationships. “Eli is responsible for the technical and technical aspect of the terminal. “Me, I take care of the management, the communication, the commercial part,” notes Antoine Deslandes. The prototype of the device is there and the first concept inspires the two creators.

This human-sized terminal, in a wooden form, has one or two screens. The golfer activates it before starting his swing. After landing the ball, more or less far from the intended target, the screen provides information (especially the distance traveled from the starting point and the remaining distance to reach the target thanks to a simplified 2D interface).

Dust from the driving range

Both partners hope to dust off the driving range. “Our system is designed to be an asset for organizing events, launches and sports”, continues Antoine Deslandes, who took advantage of his vacation in Charente-Maritime to canvass local golf courses. First contacts are good. “We attended the Congress of Golf Course Directors and stimulated a lot of interest on their part,” Antoine Deslandes and Elie Genard are delighted. The order book is now available to fill.

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