Ninja Theory (Hellblade): The Importance of Details That Make a Job! | Xbox One

Ninja Theory (Hellblade): The Importance of Details That Make a Job!  |  Xbox One

Ninja Theory is a studio known for its quest for detail and realism. British developers have proven time and time again that their work can make you both an actor and a viewer. However, for their next plans, we have to think about raising our heads in danger…

Every detail counts

Achieving high-level realism from reference material is very important to us. These include precisely located bird remains.

This weekend, developer Ninja Theory’s Twitter account surprised everyone. In fact, a video was shared showing the progress made in terms of artificial intelligence and procedurally generated universes. You can see birds on a cliff and … analyze their business, all using software!

If we don’t mention the relevant topic, it would seem like a dark world that we see on the screen Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2Whose decorations are inspired Icelandic beaches. Ninja Theory developers want to share creative moments with a high degree of realism. It will be an even Quantitative Argument Senua’s next adventures must surpass her previous ones.

However, we will have to wait several months to find out if the birds and their natural projectiles will create a kind of nuisance in the game. If that’s not an argument for realism for virtual photography enthusiasts… well, whatever. , Ninja Theory isn’t its first attempt at reproduction fidelity, and it’s beneficial.

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