Is the pursuit of happiness at all costs bad for the brain?

Is the pursuit of happiness at all costs bad for the brain?
Confronting the “tyranny of being happy,” psychiatrists remind us that negative emotions are healthy and necessary. Adobe stock

Psychology – Psychiatrists warn against denying negative emotions.

It’s not about being happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! “Negative emotions are a part of life and no one escapes them“Dr. Stéphanie Hahusseau, author recalls Let your emotions live without guilt or anxiety (Ed. Odile Jacob). Psychiatrist also mentions “There is no tyranny of happiness foreverAnd in his book he pleads not to suppress him any longer Emotions Negative, at the risk of feeling worse for a while.

Reactive suppression

Feeling sad over the loss of a loved one, disappointed at not getting a promotion at work, and angry at being cheated on by a loved one are completely normal. Constantly trying to banish these emotions with more meditation, allowing goodness, zen and/or positivity in all situations, and other precepts, will have the effect of driving you to exhaustion above all else. “Experiencing negative emotions is an inevitable part of being human. We cannot…

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