How to enable hidden functions of your smartphone’s photo gallery?

How to enable hidden functions of your smartphone's photo gallery?

Activate the Labs menu in the photo gallery app of Samsung smartphones to enjoy many hidden functions.

You might not know it, but Samsung has hidden a secret menu called Galaxy Labs in some of its apps. It provides access to test features, unofficial but tested internally by the Korean manufacturer. For example, this is the case with the Gallery app that allows you to manage photos taken on your smartphone. A hidden menu in your Galaxy smartphone’s photo library, Gallery Labs, is disabled by default.

Once the Gallery Labs menu is enabled, it will appear alongside other menus in the Gallery app settings. You can use and activate new features of your Samsung smartphone’s photo library and even improve some of its features. However, please note that you will need to restart your smartphone for each change made in this menu. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

1. Go to Gallery Settings

Start by opening the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy. Press the main menu, represented by three superimposed lines at the bottom right of the screen. Then enter systems of the gallery.

Samsung Gallery Labs

2. Run Gallery Labs

Scroll through all the displayed options and at the very bottom of Gallery Settings, enter Menu About the gallery. Then tap several times Version no The top of the gallery is displayed at the top of the screen until a message arrives [Labs] Gallery labs are enabled will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

Samsung Gallery Labs

3. Access the Gallery Labs menu

Then return to the previous menu. systems From the Gallery app. Very down systemsUnder the menu About the galleryA new menu Gallery Labs should be available. Select it to access the different options it offers.

Samsung Gallery Labs

You get access to new unreleased functions that significantly improve the use of Gallery on your smartphone. For example, there you can find an option to activate the “Filmstrip” view (Film strip in English) navigate through the playing video very easily. You can also choose to enable the option to get more details in the EXIF ​​data of your photos. Gallery Labs lets you see the storage size of items you’ve deleted from the gallery (but not the trash), or choose to autoplay the next video.

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