Some sites in the Vosges install meters because of high traffic

10:53 pm, July 31, 2022

Various tourist sites in the Vosges have decided to install meters to count their arrivals before the new regulations are introduced for the next holidays.

Vacationers, unwelcome? Some cities faced with mass tourism have decided to fight back by imposing travel restrictions. After banning liners from its historic center, Venice announced the introduction of a tourist tax from 2023, reminiscent of the environmental tax tourists pay in New Zealand and the soon-to-be €9 entry fee in Thailand. Conscience is awakening in France too Marseille creeks
Reservations now required. The noise is growing inland, such as in the Vosges, where many municipalities are seriously thinking about better management of tourists, according to Sunday. European 1

At the foot of the 30-meter-high Great Tendon Falls, hundreds of people come to cool off every day in summer. ” Last Sunday, we crossed 1000 people. As the temperature rises, we feel more people “, Gérard Clément, mayor of Denton, explains to Europe 1. This encryption is made possible by a counter hung on a tree at the entrance to the site. The device detects the number of walkers using heat sensors and sends the collected data to an application managed by the Pays de Remiremont and its Valleys tourism office.

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Ten sites have already been installed

Like the Great Muscular Falls, nine other sites in the area are also metered. ” In the evening, before going to bed, I check the sites I frequent “, Marylène Cendre, tourism manager of the Pays de Remiremont and its valleys, is worried about the situation. These ten communes of the Vosges do not hide its destination. The aim is to create a preliminary assessment of the arrival before carrying out control measures, if necessary to protect the sites.

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