Florence: Nicolas Munaretto crosses the Atlantic to spend his holidays in Gers

Florence: Nicolas Munaretto crosses the Atlantic to spend his holidays in Gers

Nicolas Munaretto, a Casco-American, his wife Molly and their three children have returned to Florence to reunite with their family.

The story of Florentine Nicolas Munaretto, who moved to California in 2009, comes to a great adventure that made a childhood dream come true: “Going to America”. In a few words, it happened as if he wanted to thank Molly, whom he had met in our area, and who later became his wife during a ceremony halfway to Guadeloupe.

So the action is taken, Nicola and Molly live in Orange County in Placentia, a few steps from Los Angeles, many faces, a huge city, everything is disproportionate, cars or trucks that we see in the movies. Americans.

It is here that Nicholas works for “Tarcus”, a company that manufactures fiber optics. As for Molly, she works in the family business as an accountant in addition to her position as personnel manager (HR). Since then, three boys (Luis, Noah and Remy) have come to brighten up the house and make them and their family happy. Every two years, they come to Florence, where Nicolas lives, to recharge their batteries and visit his parents, who are retired. It is an opportunity to find his childhood friends with whom he shares many memories (Julien, Vincent, Laurent…). Saturday and Sunday, on both these days they had some party together, the children playing in the swimming pool or with the saushi (dog) and sometimes playing laughing games with the ball.

Coyotes, snakes and large spiders

Nicholas shared his American life. He owns a garden with an orchard that produces fruit all year round, in which he produces his own “Arancello”, an aperitif drink made from oranges.

He talked about the fires they see ten kilometers from his house, but they are harmless in his territory, white sharks and dolphins sometimes come a few centimeters and coyotes roam around the house when he surfs with his local friends in the Pacific. “It is a small animal that mainly attacks pets (cats, dogs). There are also snakes and spiders that invite themselves into the property, which is not exceptional in this warm climate all year round,” says the Californian.

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