Drought: “Only 7.8mm of water fell”, the driest July since weather records began.

Drought: "Only 7.8mm of water fell", the driest July since weather records began.

The month of July that just ended was the “dryest” month since records began in 1959.

Rainfall in July was very low. In fact, the month just ended “Dry” since weather records began in 1959Minister of Environmental Change Christophe Bechu announced On that day franceinfo This Monday.

“Only 7.8 mm of water fell”

According to colleagues, rainfall is 88% less than normal. The previous post was dated 2020. Also of concern is the heat wave currently raging in France: “One serious factor is that we have the beginning of a heat wave, which means you have a drought, which reduces the availability of water. And a heat wave that reinforces the demand”, notes the Minister for Environmental Change.

You’ll probably have to get used to this drought and extreme weather…literally. According to hydrologist Emma Hasisa raised the question on Monday TF1 News, “With these exceptional temperatures we will get more and more summery conditions”, while France has long been thankfully protected by “larger winter fills, sometimes more, as we approach spring”.

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