A big change happened in July

A big change happened in July

The seventh month of the year began with persistent cold air. The first heat record of the month was shattered on July 20, an undeniable sign that high temperatures are not wanted.

Over the past two weeks, the mercury in Montreal has averaged 2 degrees Celsius above normal — a dramatic turnaround considering the slow pace that accumulated in the first steps of the month. July 16th to 24th is not new to the hot weather. The nine consecutive days ended with the temperature fluctuating up to 30 degrees Celsius, though not registering a heat wave in good and proper form.

Days 30C July REJEAN

“A total of 10 days saw temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and above, which was an average of 15 for the whole month. Nothing too high, but still”, reveals meteorologist Régène Ouimet.

Heat, fuel for storms

Temperature fluctuations play an important role in the formation of severe thunderstorms. Every day in Quebec there was a danger (though not uniformly).

Stormy July Region

However, intense heat added spice in the second half of the month. The episode of July 23, with fewer than three tornadoes recorded at Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard in Laurentians, is a good example. On an average, two cyclones are recorded throughout the month.

In general, July 2022 was particularly bright. Nearly 300 hours of sunshine were recorded, representing two out of three days of good weather. Plus, all weekends were spent under the sun.

“So the month ends on a positive note,” concludes Réjean Ouimet.

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