One of the most beautiful games on Xbox Series X was created by one person

One of the most beautiful games on Xbox Series X was created by one person

Posted in complete anonymity, Vivid Memory: Infinite One of the most beautiful games available on Xbox Series X. It was designed by one.

May 7, 2020: Microsoft chose this date to hold the presentation of the first Xbox Series X games. It’s a chance for the Redmond company to show off what’s in its belly with its console – the most powerful in history. The video begins with breathtaking footage of the title Vivid Memory: Infinite. Within seconds, we were amazed: the visual effects, do you like some, the reflections, the fluidity of the movements, the exotic setting… For the first interview, there were promises.

Strangely enough, we have never heard of this Vivid Memory: Infinite After. And can you imagine it launching on July 21, 2022, on Xbox Series X, but also on Xbox S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch (knowing that it’s available on PC from November 2021)? Inspired by this highly action-oriented title, I started Vivid Memory: Infinite To see what happened to an impressive presentation of a project created by someone on a Microsoft console. Without a doubt, the Xbox Series X has the highest FPS in the category of the most beautiful games available to date.

Vivid Memory: Infinite
Vivid Memory: Infinite. // Source: Xbox screenshot

Vivid Memory: Infinite Pretty cool, that’s about it

behind Vivid Memory: Infinite, we find the independent FYQD-Studio created by an individual named Xiancheng Zeng. This expert devoted his spare time to the first demo in a three-dimensional environment Bright memory (Released March 2020) It received excellent reviews on Steam. Vivid Memory: Infinite It’s not really a sequel, but a way to go further with similar platforms. It’s built on the Unreal Engine, thanks to tools that allow neophytes to create complete games without typing a single line of code. ” I use blueprints when working on game development. Because I only worked as an artist specializing in 3D environments and had no programming experience “, he admitted in an interview published in 2019 WCCFTech.

A primer on ray tracing

Once we know that Vivid Memory: Infinite Created by a single person, we are still impressed with the result. It’s actually a standard bearer of ray tracing, and this advanced visual technology struggles to fit into the latest generation of consoles (often involving many sacrifices). In the case Vivid Memory: Infinite, ray tracing supports a little more the world’s Asian atmosphere on the brink of chaos, constantly disturbed by climate events after a strange phenomenon appears. The screen is constantly flooded with visual effects, from reflections on metal surfaces to flames and tiny particles. Knowing that ray tracing does not prevent you from playing with a comfortable framerate of 60 fps (there is also a 120 fps mode and without ray tracing), it is visually very generous and spectacular.

Nevertheless, this favorable outlook has an impact on technical solidity, far from meeting. During my game, I have more or less annoying errors (worst: actions that refuse to be triggered), crashes, sluggishness in menus… Project (one person to do everything). Should we be gentle? Yes, of course. Especially since several updates could fix the situation quite a bit in the coming weeks and months.

Based on the game, Vivid Memory: Infinite It firmly imposes its style, with intense action bordering on frenzy. So the heroine, who has to investigate strange catastrophes (don’t expect anything from the story), is as comfortable fighting at a distance as defending herself in hand-to-hand combat (there are even barries). The result is very dynamic, almost danceable and, above all, very old-school clashes. Nothing deeply sophisticated, and when the adventure was over (just over 2 hours), we had the feeling of having played a demo of a game that could have been very ambitious. Although at less than €20, the compressed experience is expensive – behind its good ideas, there are also some strains.

Xiancheng Zeng didn’t master everything, like these secondary scenes Vivid Memory: Infinite Turns into an uninteresting game of stealth (trouble with rhythm) or a chase game without a tail or head (in a car). He also shows an obvious lack of taste when he proposes to change the heroine’s dress for something more glamorous. In 2022, no one wants to make a female protagonist a mere object of fantasy. There is zeal Vivid Memory: InfiniteIt’s a shame.

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