Terrego, hurricane: Will August be violent?

Terrego, hurricane: Will August be violent?

Since the start of the summer season, one violent incident has been recorded every month. The May 21 terrego is the first and most spectacular on the list: it is a wind storm that moves quickly and covers a large area. It is associated with severe thunderstorms in the form of a bow. Uprooted trees, massive power outages, massively damaged homes: the impacts of this powerful event are considerable. This is the first time a terrico has reached Quebec in 23 years.

In June, severe thunderstorms dumped large hailstones in many places, and even flood officials were notified.

In July, the small municipality of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard in Laurentians witnessed three tornadoes hit in a single evening. All three events were recorded in the same cell.

Isn’t it three without four? This is the question that arises every month.

Favorable environment for severe weather

The heat is now well established in Quebec, and everything points to August being particularly blessed in terms of high temperatures. The trend started in July and may gain momentum in the coming weeks. August 2022 could be the hottest month of summer.

August 2

The result: The heat comes with a greater likelihood of severe weather. With higher temperatures near the surface and greater variability of cold air, conditions are more favorable for the development of violent disturbances.

More than normal thunderstorms are likely

“In the first part of the month, we will observe scorching weather, often interrupted by heavy storms, especially at the end of the hot season, explains meteorologist Réjean Ouimet. In the middle of the month, with less hot weather, we can see instability, but less anxiety. »

As the heat prepares to return for the latter part of the month, thunderstorms may show up strongly in the periphery of this warm air. Abitibi-Témiscamingue to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and some areas in the eastern part of the province will be more affected. “So far this summer these same areas have been hit the hardest by storms,” ​​says Régène Ouimet.

Thunderstorms in August

Considering the entire area of ​​Quebec, there are an average of 23 days of thunderstorms in a full month. Of these, nearly six days experience particularly powerful cells.

Severe thunderstorms are more likely than usual – and tornadoes too. On average, Quebec records two hurricanes in August, and all indications are that August 2022 will reach this mark. Even exceeding this number is possible.

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