Google Chrome can easily become the default browser

Google Chrome can easily become the default browser

A change found in the Google Chrome source code shows that the browser will become the default browser in Windows 11.

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Switching browsers in Windows 11 is the subject of much debate. Microsoft confirmed This makes choosing a default browser particularly difficult On Windows 11 in 2021. An update March 2022 Luckily the issue was fixed. Now, a column in Windows settings makes it easy to choose the default browser.

However, we understand why web browser publishers are looking for new methods to make the choice of default browser trivial. This is Google’s position, which is expected to be delivered in an update to Google Chrome soon.

One button to fix everything

This is Who saw the leopard 64-2 This change and it was posted on Reddit Neo’s website. A change to the source code of Chromium, the project that serves as the basis for Google Chrome Microsoft Edge. This is a new button added by Google that will let you switch to your default browser with a single click.

Here’s a description of the new button’s functionality.

Make Chrome the default browser. This function typically browses URL protocols and file attachments related to browsing, e.g. HTTP, HTTPS, .html etc. and sets the corresponding registry entries directly.

This functionality is reminiscent of Mozilla’s update for Firefox. So far, Changing the Default Browser in Windows 11 Go through Windows settings. Browsers can only redirect the user to the Windows 11 Settings page.

With these changes, browsers will directly change Windows 11 registry values ​​according to the browser’s preferences. Touching the registry should always be a last resort, a very scary operation for system security, but it’s justified in this case.

It is hoped that Microsoft will provide browser vendors with a simple API in the future that will allow them to change the default browser without tinkering with the operating system registry.

To better protect your privacy or for more specific functions, it might be interesting to install an alternative browser to Google Chrome on Android. It is available on Google Play Store…
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